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Here are some of my favorite sites.  If you have any links you would like me to add just let me know.  Thanks!

Port Charles Interactive

The Port Charles Explosion

The TV Megasite

Danica Stewart Online

Brooke Lynn: A New Star

Ryan Carnes Online

Faith: The Queen of the Mafia

GH Talk Cafe

Sonny and

The Bike Shop

My Port Charles World

Afterglow: A Jax & Brenda Fan Site

Eternal Soulmates-Olivia & Caleb Morley

Tainted Love

The Love Shack: Jack and Tess

Temptation: Ian & Lucy

The Love of A Vampire & A Vampire Slayer

Heavenly Passion: Rafe & Alison

Souls Tied In Eternity: Caleb & Livvie

Sparky's Prince: Gia & Nikolas

Completely Erin

Joy Bisco Online

Rebecca Staab Online

Port Charles Teens

Julie Pinson Online

Hightide Web Services for Soaps

The Erin Connection

Vanessa Branch Online

Port Charles Fan Fiction

Blood Relations

Port Charles Heat

Port Charles Unlimited

Rafe & Alison Forever

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